We are pleased to extend this invitation to artists to participate in the  Somers Arts Fair.

The Somers Arts Fair art exhibition will feature a variety of artworks including oil and acrylic paintings, pastels, mixed media installations, printmaking, photographs, etchings, woodwork, creative steel and stone sculptures.

The Exhibition will be open Sunday 17th November 2024.

Key Dates for Artists

Entries Open: 16/08/2024

Entries Close: 11/10/2024

Note: Artists will be notified which of their works have been accepted to be exhibited prior to the opening of the show.

Terms and Conditions

Artists are encouraged to review the Somers Arts Fair Terms and Conditions prior to submitting artworks. This includes submission guidelines and rules, an overview of submission fees, acceptance fees and commission, delivery guidelines, etc.

Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures provide an overview of the goals of the Somers Arts Fair Organising Committee as well as our judging policy.

Key Dates for Artists

Please refer the Key Dates for Artists for submission and acceptance notification dates, artwork delivery and collection dates and times.

Somers Arts Fair
Somers Arts Fair
Somers Arts Fair

Print Room

The Print Room will exhibit and sell print reproductions that have been donated by some of our most renowned local artists and exciting new and emerging artists.
Each year the Somers Arts Fair attracts thousands of visitors from all over Melbourne. This provides the perfect opportunity for an engaged and purchase ready audience to discover, share and connect more deeply with your artwork.

The Print Room offers an exciting celebration of

  • creatives and their art practices
  • the beauty of print reproductions on paper
  • art collectors, at all stages of their art collecting careers
  • purchasing beautiful artworks
  • discovering new artists.

Register for The Printroom -->

Main Exhibition

2023 marks 20 years of celebrating our local and emerging artists. Our main exhibition is a wonderful environment for artists to share their artworks with the Somers and wider community, in a welcoming space that harnesses and applauds the creative and unique expressions of participating artists. The exhibition space brings together many artworks, a variety of techniques, mediums and subjects.

Submission and acceptance fees applied, are a small donation that provides artists with the opportunity to sell their works at nominated prices, and promote their talents with the Somers Arts Fair visitors.

To submit your artworks please visit out Main Exhibition Portal:

Register for the Main Exhibition -->


Generous artists who choose to donate artworks provide a 100% contribution to Somers Primary School and are gratefully accepted.

Donated original artworks will be sold in the main exhibition space at a price nominated by the artist and will be clearly marked as donated work.

Please note: exhibition submission and acceptance fees are waived for donating artists.

If you are interested in donating an original artwork to the Somers Arts Fair, please click on the link below to submit your artwork.

Donate your Artwork -->


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Silver Sponsors

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